Thurs March 12 Kayaking the Tasman Bay

Kayak Tasman_DSC0890 copy

Wow and wow again.  This was a real treat of a day.

A bit tedious getting going – you’d think we were in the USA, with the extent of waivers, training and orientation that we had to endure from Abel Tasman Kayak Rentals.  It could only be for insurance purposes!

However, once they let us loose, it was a wonderful calm paddle along the coast of the Tasman Bay, which is dotted with beautiful little beaches and interesting rocky shorelines. The water is a brilliant turquoise, and again the weather gods were gracious.

We encountered a small seal colony on one rocky shore, where we were able to get close enough to watch the mommy and baby seals interact – which mostly consisted of the mothers trying to rest in the sun, and swatting at the babies when they tried to bother them!  Very cute little guys, I must say.

It was a good 3-hour paddle but the day was sunny and warm, with little wind until the return trip, when it was mostly at our backs. So we didn’t realize we were tired until we were back on land, fortunately only a short walk from our chalet!

3 thoughts on “Thurs March 12 Kayaking the Tasman Bay

  1. That sounds like a perfect day!


  2. Yup, right up there with your 18 holes of golf (and almost hole-in-one!) Let’s stay on vacation forever!


  3. Wow, a 3-hour paddle. Sounds lovely and peaceful, and you have sun. Looking gorgeous!


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