Tues Mar 17th Food (kind of!)

So here’s my first attempt at a Foodie entry, remembering that 1) we shopped for groceries 2 days ago without photography in mind, and 2) we are staying in a motel/apartment with a full kitchen so eating in (and staying away from the Lodge restaurant where dinner costs north of $200!)



IMG_2586 HAPPY HOUR ON OUR PATIO (yes, Peter drinks wine on vacation!)

IMG_2588  DINNER.  Pretty bland looking but I accidentally used up the tomatoes yesterday! Peter wants me to mention that it’s Pomegranate Jelly, not Cranberry!

4 thoughts on “Tues Mar 17th Food (kind of!)

  1. Your Happy Hour looks like lunch at Thom and Judies in the warmer months – love food like that – all your “meals” look great. Thom


  2. Just noticed the name on the bottle in your hiking lunch “Still Water” – is the a clever Kiwi cover for “moonshine”? Thom

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