Tues March 24 – Welcome to OZ!

Today was another long travel day, mainly because we left the hotel room early and kicked around for 4-5 hours before heading to the airport.

The plane trip to Sydney was uneventful but very  bumpy.  It was an Air New Zealand plane but the seating felt like Air Transat – hardly any leg room (even in upgraded seats) and really close together.  I started out squished between Peter and a very tall young man who was really struggling with the lack of space. Fortunately for me, his TV screen wasn’t working so they moved him to another seat and we then had some room to breathe for the rest of the flight.

Flew through bad weather and lots of turbulence, and landed in torrential rain.  We then flew through Customs and Baggage but slowed down in a taxi for a LONG drive downtown to our hotel in The Rocks area.  The rain stopped so we walked around for a while until, at the farthest point from our hotel, it started up again even more torrentially!  Had to buy a cheap umbrella and still got soaked!

Hoping for sunny weather tomorrow!

photo  Our first sight of Sydney!

One thought on “Tues March 24 – Welcome to OZ!

  1. Yes it DOES rain sometimes in Sydney, have spent a couple of very rained in days there in the past, but always followed by beautiful sunshine on the harbour. Should have taken the underground train, it delivers us directly to our hotel in Wynyard. 🙂


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