Tues April 21st – Hanging in Hamo (as the kids call Hamilton Island)

Spent today pretty quietly (in more ways than one!)  Got in a nice (quiet) 7km hike this morning to/from a lovely little beach called “Escape Beach” for pretty obvious reasons – it was completely secluded and inaccessible except by foot. Unfortunately, we didn’t prepare to spend any time there so we headed back pretty much as soon as we arrived. Poor planning skills on “our” part because it would have been a spectacular picnic location!

Our complex has an absolutely beautiful infinity pool (supposed to be the nicest one on the island) and we finally spent some time there this afternoon.

We had planned to go out for dinner at one of the classy restaurants by the marina but we should have taken the advice to make reservations more seriously.  By the time I started calling around, they were all completely booked until 9:00pm (too late for us oldsters!) so instead we had another BBQ (lamb this time) on our balcony and suffered through another gorgeous sunset – probably a better view than from a restaurant and probably ¼ the cost!  Win-win all round.

Tomorrow we have a full-day boating tour so got to get to bed early in preparation!  This life is not too hard to take at all, too bad we only have one more day here.

IMG_3443  View from the deck of the infinity pool.

IMG_3446  Panorama view of the pool – the deck is actually curved that much, it isn’t my panorama skills that make it look wonky!

IMG_3452  Peter plays with my camera.

IMG_3463  Tonight’s sunset, complete with new moon and an unidentified planet.

4 thoughts on “Tues April 21st – Hanging in Hamo (as the kids call Hamilton Island)

  1. The planet is Venus. Very nice shot!!

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  2. Thanks Tim! Peter was hoping it was Jupiter or Saturn, given the southern hemisphere!


  3. The telling thing about VENUS – it is the brightest object in the sky outside of the moon and the sun – intensely white! Also, always being in relative close proximity to the sun given our distance from the sun, it is seen at sunrise rising just before the sun and at sunset setting just after the sun. Once the sun rises and brightens we loose it as a “darker” object. Mercury is similar in this way. Love your photos and blog. No stories about spiders yet? Keep well and play safe!

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    • Peter is emailing a picture especially for you Thom! Thanks for the info on Venus, you’ll have to get together with my brother next time he’s in town!


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