Fri April 24 – The Lost Monday Returns

Disguised as Friday….

We fly from Brisbane at 8:00am today and spend about 12 hours in total travelling (including a layover in Auckland) and we arrive in Papeete,Tahiti this same morning at 1:00am.  It’s a brain teaser trying to wrap my head around it!  Will have to see if we can feel it or if it’s purely and completely theoretical.

We are flying Air Emirates to Auckland and Peter is very excited about flying on an Airbus 360 which I gather is very big – more precisely, it’s the world’s largest passenger plane.  So that should be an experience.

Will be back in touch after we’ve boated from Papeete to Moorea where we’re staying for 6 nights.  Our mobile Wifi device will no longer work there but our resort apparently has Wifi everywhere so hopefully I’ll be able to post while we’re there.

2 thoughts on “Fri April 24 – The Lost Monday Returns

  1. I assume you will be able to look out on the ocean from your new spot. If it is to the west you should be able to see Venus (in Taurus near the horizon), the Moon (in Gemini – higher) and Jupiter (in Cancer – higher again – in the early evening sky over the next few days just north of due east – I think – the southern hemisphere is giving me a brain cramp.


    • Yes to ocean view and yes to the west! I just read this to Peter and he has rushed out onto our deck to see what he can find! Will let you know! xx


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