Sun May 2 – Home but Majorly Jetlagged!

PS – just noticed I couldn’t even get today’s date right!

We arrived back HOME (to our actual front door!) about 11:00pm on Friday night. It was a very long trip home – 32 hours in total, although 18 of those were spent sitting around waiting in various buses and airport lounges! The last two flights of the trip, from Papeete to LAX and LAX to Toronto, seemed to take longer and be more challenging than any of the prior 12 flights but I suspect that was just our head space about returning home. But I’m very happy to report that we made it and so did our luggage!

Got to give BIG kudos to the airlines. Over the past 2 months, we had 14 flights and not one left late or was rescheduled, and not one lost or misplaced our luggage!

I spent most of yesterday in a daze, almost felt like I had vertigo. Trying to connect the strange experiences of the last 2 months, with our familiar home turf where all the old routines and habits fell into place almost immediately, with the warm (hot) weather here where we had left full-on winter behind. I have SO much to do and am struggling to get my energy to a productive level.

My mind is also still mushy I’m going to continue working on my final thoughts to post in a few days. Meanwhile, Peter is much more productive so the next Post is entirely his!

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