Tuesday March 3 – Still can’t find Monday but we definitely found Auckland!

Auckland Mar 3

We’ll remember Auckland as the place where we survived our first  “wrong side of the road” drive, from the airport to our hotel. We were very worried about the right-hand driving but, surprisingly, it feels more dangerous as a pedestrian because the cars constantly come at you from directions you can’t naturally anticipate. We spent most of the day walking around, and still have trouble predicting where to look before crossing the road!  We spent a good part of the day along the waterfront, which is really very lovely, filled with marinas and walkways and lots of pedestrians.  Right now the Volvo Ocean Race has a village set up full of information about this international sailing race which is currently stopping over in Auckland for a couple of weeks.  I should mention that we did quite a bit more walking than we intended due to some marital discussion over navigation – “let’s use the iPhone map” vs “I don’t need the map, I have a terrific sense of direction.”  But, if you’re going to wander in circles endlessly, Auckland is not a bad place to be!  Especially when the temperature is PLUS 26 instead of minus 26 like it was at home less than a week ago.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday March 3 – Still can’t find Monday but we definitely found Auckland!

  1. Probably you guys shouldn’t sign up for Amazing Race. Glad you made it safely. Just remember – look right!!!

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    • Robert Korving

      (…) Before you embark on any path ask the question: Does this path have a heart? If the answer is no, you will know it, and then you must choose another path. (…) Carlos Castaneda

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      • Does the Garmin GPS lady know about that question? Because she seems to be making all the decisions for us right now!


    • Been following that “look right” rule ever since I read your comment first thing this morning! It’s a very handy piece of advice.


  2. Assure Peter that I too have a terrific sense of direction… Australia is over to the west .. I think.

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  3. NO comment except the only appropriate one here: ‘You’re right darling'”.


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