Some random thoughts on Auckland

  • people are incredibly friendly and helpful, without overdoing it. Like the man who volunteered to show us where to climb down some hidden stairs to the most amazing pedestrian walkways and an art deco pedestrian bridge over the motorway. We would have missed the most pedestrian-supportive zone I’ve ever seen. And the woman who quietly showed us how to get back to the motel when we were in the midst of our navigation “discussion.”
  • the drivers are totally laid back and accommodating.  Cars in line for exits move slowly and leave big spaces between each vehicle, and no-one ever jumps the line.  No-one ever seems to speed or tailgate.
  • found out that the total population of the country of New Zealand is 4.5 million.  Auckland has 1.5 million.  Goes to show just how spread out the rest of the population is.
  • my favourite NZ wines are no cheaper here than they are at home! (Except maybe that Cloudy Bay which was $15 for a 6 oz glass.) A bottle of Oyster Bay is generally $18 in the grocery store here as well.

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