Tues March 31 – Working Day

With all this travelling, it becomes clear that some days are working days.

Like today.  Up at 5:45am, drive to airport, sit at airport, fly to Melbourne, pick up car rental and figure out all the new buttons/electronics, figure out GPS settings, find shopping mall to buy extra wifi capacity, drive to new destination.  Today that all took 12 hours (and the flight was only 65 minutes.)

The car rental company gave us a major upgrade to a new Mercedes sedan.  An absolutely amazing vehicle, although it has taken forever to get it all figured out – it is all LED display and electronic sensors (of absolutely everything, including gears!) and for the first time, there is no manual!  Fortunately Peter is totally up for the challenge – looks like he finally has his dream car!

Not much else to say except that our hotel tonight, in Queenscliff on the ocean south of Melbourne, was built in 1850 and has tons of lovely old character.  Although it has been quite renovated, you can still feel the old “bones” of the place – our room has tall french-doors that open out onto a spacious 2nd storey verandah with arm chairs and tables everywhere.  You can just imagine sitting there with afternoon tea back in the day!

IMG_3096  Appetizer at dinner at the Athelstane Hotel (clearly not “back in the day”

IMG_3098  Pan-fried fish for main course.

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