Wed April 1 – April Fools on The Great Ocean Road

Today we started to drive the very famous Great Ocean Road, which travels west along the south coast of Australia between Melbourne and Adelaide.  We had anticipated a drive which truly went alongside the ocean but at least half of this road travels inland, I’m sure because the coastline terrain prevents it getting any closer.

One of the best places it turned back to the ocean was in Apollo Bay where there is truly one of the most amazing beaches I’ve seen.  Very few people, enough surfers to be interesting, and probably 5 km of untouched golden sand.

After spending a warm hour there, we continued to the most famous spot on this very famous drive which is the Twelve Apostles.  These are shapely limestone seastacks about 45 m high which have broken away from the shoreline due to erosion caused by the constant surf.  There are no longer 12 (I think only 10 now) and you can see that a few more are likely to topple sometime in the next few decades.

This is the most highly photographed area on the south coast and the bus tours arrive like crazy.  It was teaming with tourists and we just can’t figure out where they came from or went after.  We’re staying in Port Campbell (the “Gateway to the Apostles”) about 10km away. It would appear to be a town that caters almost entirely to tourists – motels, restaurants, etc – but it sure doesn’t seem very busy.

Peter has now gone back to try to get some Apostle shots at sunset but I suspect it’s way too cloudy for anything too dramatic.  Perhaps he can get some good tourist shots!

IMG_3099  Apollo Bay Beach

IMG_3101 Apollo Bay Beach looking in the opposite direction

IMG_3124  Me on the beach.

IMG_3133  Peter on the beach.

IMG_3158 IMG_3134

The Apostles (as best as my iPhone could capture)

IMG_3160  The tourists keep rolling on through.

IMG_3157  The  Aussies never mince their words!

One thought on “Wed April 1 – April Fools on The Great Ocean Road

  1. Apollo Bay is lovely, we spent our 10th wedding anniversary there with my sis x


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