Fri April 3 – In Adelaide, looking ahead to Broome!

Seems we have a bit of a blip in our itinerary since we spent all day driving west to Adelaide, only to get on a plane tomorrow to fly back east to Sydney, where we catch a flight back to Broome on the west coast.  Oh, the things we’ve learned the hard way!

We are prepared for tomorrow to be another challenging travel day.  Hopefully it will end with a lovely romantic evening watching sunset on the famous Cable Beach in Broome, and staying up late enough to catch the red lunar eclipse which is conveniently scheduled for our arrival!

To be truthful though, about the most exciting thing that will happen this weekend is a Skype phone call with all of our family as they celebrate Easter dinner without us.  Can’t wait for that.

Broome marks the beginning of our 2-week caravanning adventure in the Kimberley Desert.  We are both pretty excited about the potential but also still a bit freaked with sorting out the logistics.

A BIG shout out to Philip and Ingrid Schubert of Perth Australia who have given us a ton of incredibly useful information to help with caravanning preparations and itinerary planning.  These 2 weeks would not have been possible without their help.  Philip is a photographer who Peter met through Google Earth.  He and Ingrid are huge fans of The Kimberley.  Check out some of his photographs on the front page of as well as

One thought on “Fri April 3 – In Adelaide, looking ahead to Broome!

  1. Probably the airfares were much cheaper that way Sue. Perth to Broome can be very expensive, and you still have to get across the Nullabour from Adelaide. Enjoy long haul Australian domestic flights. Pack a water bag and cut lunch and walk around the plane when airborne. If you don’t you won’t walk when you get to your destination.

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