Sat April 4 – Hello to Broome…it’s hot here!

As expected, a long travelling day but uneventful.  We stepped off the plane into 35C temps and bright blue skies.  Have forgotten how hot that can be!

We proceeded to pick up our Britz 4WD Campervan that we’re to be living in for the next 2 weeks but we’re both (well, mostly me) wondering exactly how that is going to work out.  The vehicle is pretty old and pretty tight quarters, given that we’ve got our two big suitcases to fit in somehow.  I confess we wimped out and went to a resort for tonight – and, wow, the AC feels good.

But a good night’s sleep changes everything and tomorrow we’re moving into Roebuck Bay Caravan Park for 2 nights here in Broome before we head out to parts unknown.  First on the agenda is shopping for groceries and supplies.  Next is figuring out how to organize ourselves and our stuff in the van.

I really love Broome – such a cool oceanside town. I love the fact that Cable Beach is so huge and everyone just drives up onto it to have their dinner while watching the sun set. And then they tootle off afterwards – no big deal, no big expedition.

We just got back from a gorgeous Cable Beach evening – it is the first time I have watched the sun go down on a horizon of at least 180 degrees.  With camel trains wandering by, no less!  With all that, I have to confess that it was not the most romantic of sunsets for the two of us.  Getting up at 4:00am and travelling all day with a 3 ½ hour time difference doesn’t do a lot for romance!  Peter charged off down the beach in search of the perfect photos (he was successful, I might add!) and I sat by myself  and watched the big red ball sinking below the horizon.  Absolutely stunning.

We should also have a good view of the lunar eclipse tonight but certainly not from our window and I’m fading fast so doubt I’ll see it.  Plus I’m looking forward to getting up for an early morning skype with the family!  Perhaps Peter will have more staying power….


IMG_3200    IMG_3209


One thought on “Sat April 4 – Hello to Broome…it’s hot here!

  1. Judie McLauchlin

    I’m finally checking in! I’ve been following your blog and am amazed at all the beautiful things you’ve seen. I’m even more amazed at the rigor of the hikes you’ve been taking. You two are incredible.

    The sun is shining here and the ice on the bay is breaking up. Yesterday the bay was still mostly frozen and a swan came whirring in, trying to land on a small piece of open water. After two attempts she gave up and took off. Today, she could land just about anywhere.

    Thom and I have been startlingly social. My cuz’s and I took the train to Mississauga two weeks ago and spent three days with my niece, Tanis. We had an awesome dinner at the Oakville Club and ate giant Cinnabons. Tanis spent the entire three days crying and felt totally refreshed by the time we all left.

    This past week we went to Toronto for a friends birthday party. Women only, so Thom came in drag. I don’t know how to install a picture on here so I’ll ask Thom to send you one. I sent Jordi a copy of the photo and he didn’t know who he was looking at. I had to tell him it was his dad. The party was also a book club meeting, focusing on a Danish novel. Our hostess served Danish sandwiches and Danish apple cake (which is made with bread crumbs). We saw the movie “Boy Choir” and had dinner at Pangea (delish!).

    Barb is turning 80 this month so Viv and Doug, Thom and I are hosting a big party in her honour. Fortunately the festivities are being held at Viv’s and Doug’s because, so far, we have 80 people coming. The theme is “Biker Barb’s Birthday Bash”. Everyone’s coming dressed in biker gear and we’ve arranged to have Barb brought to the party by motorcycle. There’s even a set of leathers for her to wear. Family will be staying over so we have a big dinner planned on Saturday night and a brunch the next day. At the brunch, the little ones will be performing a tribute from “Grease”; the men are singing a version of “Daisy, Daisy”; and the ladies are going to mess around with “Ba-ba-ba, Ba-Barbra Ann”.

    Once the party is over, I only have a few days before Barb, Viv and I take off for The Azores. I’ve already started packing and have clothes all over the house. I hate packing. It’s hard enough trying to decide what to bring for a two-and-a-half week stint. I don’t know how you managed to do it for three months!

    Happy Easter. Stay safe. I love you and can’t wait for our next trip to Gusto!


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