Apr 13 – Mirima National Park and Ivanhoe Resort Pool

Guess who did what?!

You’re right – Peter was off “working” at Mirima National Park, and I was lounging at the pool (well, I also worked if a load of laundry counts.)

We’re still here in Kununnura and neither of us felt like getting back in the squeaky old Britz for a 2-hour round trip to either Emma Gorge or Lake Argyle.  So we basically took a day off, although mine was more indulgent than Peter’s.

He made the 2 km walk from where we’re staying to the Mirima National Park and wandered around there in the stifling hot sun for a couple of hours.  There are some neat mini-bungles there – see below.

I spent a relaxing 3 hours sitting by the pool in lovely shade reading the new Jo Nesbo book – see below.

And both us of were happy!

Tomorrow is the first of two days of 400+km drives to get us to Darwin, so neither of us felt too bad about neglecting the Britz for a day.

Mirama National Park  Peter’s (unedited) shot from Mirima, with a mini-bungle in the background.

IMG_3387[1]  My (unedited) shot of the pool from my unique vantage point – sitting in my chair, over the top of my Kindle.

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