Tues April 14 – On to Katherine

Started today with a nice Skype chat with Mum, Dad and Di.  Was nice to see everyone looking so well, and hard to believe we’ll be back home in just over 2 weeks.

Then…6 hours of driving and 90 minutes of time change pretty much took us to dinnertime here in Katherine, which is a little more than halfway to Darwin from Kununnura.

It was a lonely but beautiful drive.  We didn’t see more than 25 cars the whole time, but the scenery was really impressive.  We were driving  farther inland and the vegetation was becoming less stark.  Lots of bright red cliffs/escarpments, constructed of huge rectangular boulders that were somewhat precariously placed.  We could see where many of them had already fallen away, and it looked like a number of their mates were set to follow shortly.  But, mixed with the green trees and grass, there was more visual variety than in the hardcore Kimberley.

Not much to Katherine even though it is the third largest town in the Northern Territory.  Tomorrow we’re continuing north to Darwin but will visit Edith Falls first and then spend the night near Litchfield National Park.

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