Wed April 15 – Batchelor, NT

(Speaking of which, wonder how Farmer Chris and Nurse Whitney are doing…)

In the Northern Territory in Australia!  We drove north from Katherine this morning, stopping in at Edith Falls for a very sweaty hike into a truly beautiful location – upper and lower pools of clear water, surrounded by red cliffs and connected by pretty waterfalls.  Very nice.

Then drove on to Batchelor where we’re staying for the night, close to Litchfield National Park where we’ll do some hiking tomorrow morning.  Close by is the much more famous Kakadu National Park but we have had consistent advice not to bother visiting it (seems like a lot of Aussies, local and not, call it Kaka-don’t ) so we’re going to visit Litchfield instead.

Batchelor is another one of the small tourist-driven towns we’ve come through,with some good solid motel facilities, but not much else!

Tomorrow we’re on to the big city of Darwin!

IMG_3390  Edith Falls.

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