Sat April 18 – Early Morning Flight to Paradise!

Hamilton Island, in the Great Barrier Reef.

Absolutely beautiful.  Turquoise water everywhere alongside golden beaches, and the most incredibly lush tropical vegetation, which is definitely a benefit to coming at the tail end of the wet season!

The main method of transportation here is the golf cart!  We checked into our condo at the airport and they gave us keys to our golf cart to drive ourselves over.  It took us about 10 minutes, golf cart speed, so it’s a small island!

On one side of the island is the main resort area – Cats Eye Beach.  This is where there is a lot of pool activity and all the water sports.  We are staying on the opposite side, the quiet side where the marina is and it’s nice to be away from all the action (definitely getting old!) and our views are incredible.

Peter finds it too touristy and definitely there is that element to it.  On the other hand, we’ve signed up for two tours, which are available precisely because of the tourist business! Tomorrow morning we’re doing an “Adventure Kayak Tour” and Monday afternoon we have a snorkeling tour.

Neither of us is feeling very perky today.  We got a very short night’s sleep last night and lost another 30 minutes in time so we’re struggling to get some energy going!  The good news is that we’ve got a nice big (3 bathrooms!) comfortable place to sleep, with views to die for, and tomorrow will be a good day!

IMG_3400  Approaching the Great Barrier Reef.

IMG_3405  Waiting for our luggage at the airport!

IMG_3406   Our new wheels.

IMG_3416  Like most of the places we’ve been, cockatoos are everywhere.  They have the most incredibly loud and raucous cries which just don’t match their pretty faces.  This little guy has taken a liking to us and sat on our balcony railing posing nicely for Peter for about 20 minutes!  (This is my not-so-good shot though.)

IMG_3412  Peter waiting patiently on our balcony for the sun to do its job.

IMG_3423  Our first sunset here – not quite what he was hoping for but I’ll definitely take it!


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