Fri April 17 – Grooming Day for Sue

Spent today in downtown Darwin at various grooming appointments and now I feel human again. Peter thinks I’m nuts but I say washing away the grey and a getting a fresh pedicure really do make me feel a lot more relaxed. Got great services here in Darwin, I’m really pleased with what they did, although I do miss my Toronto “team.”

Didn’t have much time for anything else except spending at least two hours getting all our stuff re-packed for flying. We had really sprawled while we were in the campervan for two weeks and actually had to leave some stuff behind – including a terrific Reebok gym bag which I just loved but couldn’t fit in anywhere. I liked the idea of just using it as an extra suitcase but Peter pointed out the extra baggage fees would enable me to buy 10 new bags by the time we got home!

So we’re now hanging out at the airport waiting for our flight to Cairns where we stay briefly overnight before an early flight tomorrow to the Great Barrier Reef. Looking forward to some kayaking!

One thought on “Fri April 17 – Grooming Day for Sue

  1. so no before and after photos??

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