Sun April 26 – Lying Low in Moorea

Quiet day in Moorea.  The weather is still cloudy and windy, with a little rain thrown in for good measure, so we didn’t do too much today.  Spent the morning on our computers – Peter editing his pictures and me watching the Diane Sawyer-Bruce Jenner interview!

In the afternoon, Peter went out photographing on his own and I read a book and then went paddle-boarding for the first time!  I actually really enjoyed it, and was surprised how much work it is!

After that, we jumped off the deck and went for a nice ocean swim before watching the sun go down. We were rewarded for our slothful day with our first dramatic sunset on Moorea.

Truthfully, I was happy to chill out today and I was happy to take advantage of a very private deck, watching the ocean and listening to the waves. Who knows when I’ll have the same opportunity again.

Pictures below are courtesy of Peter who seemed to have quite a bit more energy than me today!

Moorea scene  Some of the mountain scenery on Moorea.

Moorea Sunset  Our first dramatic Moorea sunset – captured from the deck of our bungalow!

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