Mon April 27 – Bump on a Log in Moorea

Or more precisely, lump on a deck!  I spent the whole day today lying on a chaise on our bungalow deck looking out over the Pacific Ocean.

I was not feeling very well, basically felt very tired and somewhat physically ill.  So I had no energy or motivation to accompany Peter on his hiking outing, and I literally did not move off the deck except to jump into the ocean every once in a while.

I suspect that I am having a huge letdown of the energy levels I have fought to sustain for 8 weeks to make sure all our plans played out as expected, and that I had some contingencies in mind in case there were any problems.  There is now nothing left to worry about except our 2 flights home and there’s not much to worry about with them – even if they do go haywire, there aren’t really any repercussions to deal with or plans to re-jig that can’t be solved by a quick email home.

So I’m not feeling too guilty about wimping out for one day!  And the best thing:  I was able to Skype with Rebeccah and Charlotte (and Ken) for about ½ hour in the afternoon.  It was terrific to catch up with them, it’s been such a long time since we’ve talked (8 ½ weeks to be precise!)

Peter was off hiking and driving and seems to have had a good afternoon, so that’s another reason I’m glad I stayed home – I didn’t interfere with his (much higher!) energy levels.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling more perky and we can take advantage of some of the activities the resort has to offer.  Peter is anxious to try paddling an outrigger canoe – if it happens, I’ll take pictures for sure!

IMG_3552  What I did today – view to the west.

IMG_3553  What I did today – view to the north.

IMG_3556  My swimming companions – right off our deck.

IMG_3560  Peter enjoying a swim after his much more energetic day.

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