Tues Apr 28 – Oh, This is the Life!

Glad to say I’m feeling back to normal today, with my energy back.

We rented a double outrigger canoe this morning and went for a good long outing.  The water here is very turquoise and very clear and as we paddled, we could see all kinds of colourful fish swimming around beneath the boat.  It was really pretty awesome. (Once we figured out how to steer, that is!)  Unfortunately, because I was also paddling, I couldn’t take any pictures of us!  Where is that darn selfie stick anyway?!

This afternoon we picked up some snorkeling gear and jumped off our deck and went for another swim with the fishies.  The resort is surrounded by coral (even right under our deck!) and I have to say the varieties of fish we see here are almost as good as when we snorkeled off the Great Barrier Reef.  Today we saw several different angel fish, parrot fish, small vivid blue ones, big schools of orange roughy, big schools of some really pretty yellow ones, some almost transparent large white ones, etc etc. The only problem is that the snorkeling gear is not very good and I had a real fight with my mask. I eventually gave up and went back to the bungalow but Peter kept on for another hour or more.  Really really wish that we had an underwater camera with us.

We spent the rest of the afternoon on the deck, gazing out over the Pacific Ocean and we both agree that there is no better way to relax.  The weather is perfect now – hot in the sun but pleasant in the shade, not too humid.  We have had some nice accommodations throughout our trip, but this over-ocean bungalow in Moorea is the clear winner.

However both of us are definitely thinking of home.  We had a nice Skype with my parents first thing this morning, firming up our dinner plans with them for Saturday night. And it sounds like the weather is improving in Toronto so that’s good news too.  I’m really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again, not because it’s my own bed, but because it represents a return to normality and routine. I think it’s safe to say that both Peter and I are ready for that.

_DSC0036  Moorea landscape taken by Peter during his drive yesterday.

_DSC0097  Swimming in the ocean, right off our deck.

_DSC0135  Tonight’s sunset, shot from the deck.  (I’m trying to figure out how to pack up this deck and bring it home with me!)

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